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Poster: mcglone Date: Mar 25, 2007 11:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

hey mudcat,

back in '05 when things round here got a little whack i copied reviews from special shows (including the last). i'll paste everything from '04 in this message and reply a second time with '05.

later man.


January 25, 2005
Reviewer: youngdedhed
Subject: so many raods
jerrys farewell song. this show may not be the best ever, but i'll give it
5 stars because it is the end of the greatest rock n roll band of all
time. Thank you for the beautiful music Mr. Garcia

January 22, 2005
Reviewer: Sgt. Justice
Subject: Too bad
Was a great atmosphere prior to show. Chicago is always fun, unless you
were a victim of Chicago's finest. Jerry was done by this time. Glimpses
of emotion, flickering here and there, but he was in bad shape. Playing
was bad, voice was done. Stumbled through the show like a horse in a log
jam. Unfortunate. Saw them many times in the 80s, what were they thinking
with Vince, sorry...but cmon...Miss those guys though, miss em a
lot....Never understood the Phish fad that soon followed, Bradies on the
coat tails....

December 20, 2004
Reviewer: besht2003
Subject: Set the Wayback Machine
Time to go back to the beginning, when we were all younger than we are
today and Jerry was hitting on all four cylinders. Check out "Viola Lee
Blues" on Dick's Picks Vol. 8 (5/2/70) or the earlier back pages of the
archive ...

December 14, 2004
Reviewer: TNJoe
Subject: So Many Tears
This is not a show that needs a review. The Grateful Dead touched us in so
many ways, and it is a shame that the last show was so poor. But it is
what it is. So Many Roads is great as is the Black Muddy, and that's what
we're left with. That's the way it's supposed to be. Do what I do, listen
to this show and remember all the good times, because this is definitely
not one of them.

December 06, 2004
Reviewer: zarah'sdad
Subject: wish I was there
I find myself listening to "So Many Roads" over and over again. So many of
the reviewers deems this Jerry's goodbye, or last gasp. I think I see this
show as probably the guys did, last show of a fateful tour, only to be
re-energized for the next go round. The naysayers point out Jerry being
atr the end of the road, but I find just as many reviewers pointing out
great shows they had seen a week or a month or whatever ago. Each tour had
its ups and downs, and the frequency depended on what you were looking
for. But I challenge everyone to show me that you knew this was it at the
time. Jerry had risen from the dead so many times, we all expected it
again. The moments in this show just seemed a glimpse of what will be
again. For all those who say they saw the unravelling of the band, or any
similar remark, and I can show you just as many reviews that point to the
idea that the boys weren't done yet. That being said, this show is a
necessity for closure, and in hindsight, So Many Roads is Jerry's swan
song, but not because he is saying goodbye (at that time), but more of the
idea that Jerry is saying "Look, I can still do it!" The passion in this
song is unrivaled by any performance. To all of us, had this not been the
show to end all shows, we would all be looking forward to the next run or
tour, and we would have been looking back at moments of this show for what
they were....a jumping off point to would was to be

December 05, 2004
Reviewer: pinetop
Subject: My Second Show
I just found this website, and for a longtime fan, it doesn't get much
better than this. I had scored tickets from the dead mail-in service, and
I took my brother, my best friend, and one of my old guitar players. We
were right next to the soundboard, and the music was out of this world.
I've heard many shows on tape, and now thru DL, but obviously the real
deal smokes any recording. Big time. After a long day on Shakedown with
drum circles fifty drummers around, stoned dogs, grey dreads, grilled
cheese, miracles, and many wonderful smells, we decided to have a fungal
time right before the show. When the lights went down and everyone lit
their lighters, it looked like space on earth. I had seen Jerry and the
boys the year before, but that was before I really knew their music. After
my first show I started buying and taping tons of shows. This time I was
ready. Unfortunatly my guitar player hadn't really studied the dead like I
did, so he didn't get the same effect. But he was pretty impressed we were
on the fifty yard line where the Bears played. The Chicago Bears, I mean.
The couple in front of us had both taken 7 hits of LSD a piece, and they
were really jamming. That girl got so much more beautiful as the night
wore on. As to the show. Opening with TOG was an excellent way to begin, I
thought. Sort of ironic too... "I will survive." Jerry, unfortunatly,
looked bad. It was obvious how the drugs had taken their toll. He warmed
up as the night went on, for sure, but those close ups on the mega-tron of
his face hurt my heart. Bobby was right on, though. I had never heard
Masterpiece before that, but I immediatly caught the meaning and really
dug it. Phil as always, was smokin hot. I had heard of Lesh bombs, and
now, I'll never forget them. I remembered looking around during Shakedown
Street and thinking that everyone in the stadium was a kind of musician,
and that made me think of Playing in the Band's meaning, and the line,
"the music played the band" from The Music Never Stopped. The music wasn't
just coming from the speakers, but from everywhere. And it seemed like
people there had a say in the outcome. It really amazed me and made me
look at music in a very different way forever. It was like, there were the
boys on stage, and the band was everywhere around me. Made me wonder if
anyone else had ever thought about that. Anyway, rumors about Unbroken
Chain were everywhere, and they panned out to be true. That was amazing
from a historical standpoint. The last bit about the show that really got
me was drums. At one point the music swelled and I thought my head was
going to explode. Thumbs up to Mickey and Billy for that moment. Way up.
Of course Box of Rain and the double encore were an added bonus, and I was
even really impressed with the fireworks. My guitar player told me that at
some point I turned into a fish during the night, which seemed about
right. I am very grateful for this site, again. Not only can I listen to
all the other shows, but this one, which means a lot to me. That's why I
am giving it 5 stars. It's a little hard to listen to the lyrical
mistakes, but the places that they go otherwise, well, that's deserving.
Plus, Jerry died a month later. It's commendable to do this kind of
performance in the shape he was in. The show effected me so much that I
decided I was definitely going on the road with them the next summer... Oh
well. All I can say is, "We will survive."

November 29, 2004
Reviewer: Fitz1
Subject: The End of an Era
This show is crap!!!! I attended many, many shows, unfortunately or
fortunately, I did not attend this one. I loved this band, but I can still
call a spade a spade. I never really liked the sound of the band after
Vince took over the keyboards. I saw all of the shows at Soldier Field in
the four years prior to this mess. Wow! What a difference a year makes.
One of the earlier comments stated that nobody would want this show in
their collection if Jerry hadn't passed. I couldn't agree more. Believe
me, I am a very Grateful Head, and sure this show has plenty of historical
value, but I rate the shows based on the music, and this one was a real

November 29, 2004
Reviewer: Fitz1
Subject: The End of an Era
This show is crap!!!! I attended many, many shows, unfortunately or
fortunately, I did not attend this one. I loved this band, but I can still
call a spade a spade. I never really liked the sound of the band after
Vince took over the keyboards. I saw all of the shows at Soldier Field in
the four years prior to this mess. Wow! What a difference a year makes.
One of the earlier comments stated that nobody would want this show in
their collection if Jerry hadn't passed. I couldn't agree more. Believe
me, I am a very Grateful Head, and sure this show has plenty of historical
value, but I rate the shows based on the music, and this one was a real

November 28, 2004
Reviewer: jamfreak
Subject: I Give It Grateful 5 Stars!!!!
I think this show is a remarkable show not because of it's music but its
place in history. Even so there were a couple of interesting musical
moments the real Magic of the show is in the cosmic prophecy. Just listen
to Jerry singing the end of So Many Roads and you know what I mean. It
took a friend to point out the LAST Muddy River Jerry sang on the first
refrain around....Also first DOUBLE ENCORE in a long, long time!
Unforgettable also the fireworks that closed everything out. Maybe the
best I've ever seen. An unforgettable FINALE to an exceptional journey!!!!
I think a lot of the negative reviews come from people who haven't been
there and didn't feel this special Moment

November 25, 2004
Reviewer: Bob the listener
Subject: I dont see what all the fuss is about
of course there are better shows but it doesn't mean everyone has to be
hateful about it. i like this show, for whatever reason. A heartfelt So
many roads is always good, phil's solid as always, Phils solid, sings Box
of Rain, with the ending verse eerily prophetic. not a five star, so spend
your time downloading something else, but definitely not worth all the

November 22, 2004
Reviewer: Dr. Tim
Subject: What else can you say?
Of course listening to a band crumble isn't fun. Yes, it is downright
painful. Being a part of this world meant taking the good with the bad
though- it was about not only the music, but the utterly unique
relationship between the band and the audience. I don't want to listen to
this show but it is the moment of closure. Of course it's a line flub on
"last muddy river...." and heroin saps life even from the most spirited. I
only wish that this show had a "Foolish Heart" in it to provide the final
irony. We gave our love to a foolish heart, and it finally failed.
Nonetheless, hearing that heart sing is the coda.

November 21, 2004
Reviewer: Mike Andrews
Subject: Absolute Crap
For anyone with a sense of pitch or phrasing, this is NOT a show to hear.
Darn near every note from Jerry's guitar hurts. Literally hurts. You'd do
better yourself on a case of Coors and a $30 used Danelectro. Yuck.

November 17, 2004
Reviewer: Cortez The Killer
Subject: End Of An Era
I am sooo glad I didn't make it to this show.Highgate was the last show I
attended before Jerry died...I dropped and then left after BTW because you
could feel it all coming to an end...Jerry was just a shell of himself and
it hurt like hell to hear it and see it.I did not care at all for Vince
and though I respect Bruce,neither one understood the trip like Pig and
Brent...It just wasn't the same anymore and the magic seemed lost.So you
say you want to try heroin? Well,hopefully this show will change your
mind...I love you Jerry,peace.

November 12, 2004
Reviewer: pokechop
Subject: Saw shows from up close...
I saw the last 5 shows Jerry did, and I was up very close for the 2 St.
Louis shows and the last one at Soldier Field. The music really was hit
and miss, but the dead were always that way. Jerry Garcia was a person who
commanded immense personal power, and it was obvious up close, even at
this show. He looked much older than his years, and was clearly in poor
health. Don't be fooled, though, he definately still had the power, just
not the health to push us all from one musical vista to the next for a
whole show. Also, recall the Deer Creek riot incident and the campground
disaster where 100+ people got injured after the St. Louis show. These
things cast a lot of negativity into tha band and that is why the music
suffered-not really Jerry fault, entirely. Musically decent, just a real
bad mojo in the air.

November 08, 2004
Reviewer: barrywhiterules
Subject: clear eyes
No argument here: The Grateful Dead was a terrific rock band that gave us
all a tremendous amount of joy. But that doesn't mean reviews of this show
should be turned into some sort of lifetime achievement award. I give this
show two stars -- both because I'm generous, and because the So Many Roads
is a genuine highlight. Other than that, the band sounds tapped out and
uninspired. This show was a sad ending to a wonderful 30-year run. But it
was what it was, and calling it anything other than disappointing is just
flat-out wrong. If you want to celebrate the good times, find a good show
elsewhere in the Archives and give *that* five stars. Don't waste them on

November 06, 2004
Reviewer: BrettA
Subject: not what you think
Reading these eviews and listening to this show, I have the suspicion that
it's you that has the emotion, not the show. I heard that Phil said that
the last like, 7 years was just a dismal blur for him. I think this show
is evidence. It WAS a fantastic voyage and it's over now as we knew it.
Let's accept that it went out with a whimper.

November 05, 2004
Reviewer: Tripps86
Subject: Not as bad as people make it out to be.
This show is definitely not as bad as people say it is. While it can't
compare to shows from earlier in their careers, it is quite good when you
consider how sick Jerry was and how exhausted the rest of the band was, as
well. Also, you can't divorce the show from its historical value. It was
the last show of the greatest band in rock history, and it is the last
time that Jerry ever recorded live. We should consider ourselves lucky to
be able to have this show. Forever Jerry! And for everybody else in the
band, just keep truckin' on...

October 31, 2004
Reviewer: Bernard_from_France
Subject: Salut Jerry
Quand on écoute So Many Roads et que l'on sait que c'est son dernier
concert c'est très émouvant.. La qualité du concert et bonne avec une
bonne version de Black Muddy River. Ce n'est pas le Jerry Garcia de 71
mais qu'elle humanité ! Salut Jerry ... See you soon on the other side

October 25, 2004
Reviewer: Bobk
Subject: black muddy river
first off thanks to all the folks who have put this site together and all
who contribute music history. alas that is what this show is for certain.
It will be marked as the last grateful dead show.. I just listened to
black muddy again . i had not played this tape in years.. it bought a tear
to my eye... I had seen the giants stadium shows and felt we were seeing
garcia for the last time... This show makes me ask what if all over
again..If you rode the bus .. lived for the tours, shows than keep at
least black muddy from this show in your collection.. and when you play
it.. look up to the heavens and say thanks to jerry....

October 25, 2004
Reviewer: trh
Subject: So Many Stars?
just to echo what's been said...this is pretty awful. sure we all get
worked up over the end, but be thankful it ever was. giving this show
anything other than 1 or 2 stars means you haven't actually listened to
the show.

October 09, 2004
Reviewer: agman
Subject: We had to get off the bus
I remember as I walked out of Soilder field that fatrful night saying, it
was a ok show, about what we had come to expect from the boys at that
time. But people rating these 90's shows aganst early 70's shows ???? I
remember after hearing the news thinking , it was a tragic end to what was
dubbed "the tragic tour"..... to be honest I don't feel the band(s) ever
played any "bad" shows, just some were better then others. thank you for a
real good tyme.!!!!

October 09, 2004
Reviewer: agman
Subject: We had to get off the bus
I remember as I walked out of Soilder field that fatrful night saying, it
was a ok show, about what we had come to expect from the boys at that
time. But people rating these 90's shows aganst early 70's shows ???? I
remember after hearing the news thinking , it was a tragic end to what was
dubbed "the tragic tour"..... to be honest I don't feel the band(s) ever
played any "bad" shows, just some were better then others. thank you for a
real good tyme.!!!!

October 08, 2004
Reviewer: sugarmag
Subject: why such a low rating?
well i was just wondering why people are bumming out so much about this
show. I though that it was pretty good especially the BMR, it was
literally spine tingling. This is a good show, and although not their
greatest, is definitly worth downloading. For those of you who havnt heard
anything from '65-'69 you definitly should and also the Europe '72 tour.

October 07, 2004
Reviewer: gdphan
Subject: Far from the end
I think to bill this as the end of it all is wrong. The Dead live on, and
so does Jerry. Don't dwell on the bad notes or strained vocals just
listen. People who do that just dont get it! Plain and simple! As you
listen take only a brief mental note that this was Jerry's last show, but
please dont hover over it because if you do that you will be very
disappointed. Enjoy! Oh yeah take notice to the rest of the band! Jerry is
not the only member.

October 05, 2004
Reviewer: Aiko
Subject: The End of it all
Yes the last show with Jerry. Im not sure how to rate this. The sound
quality is excellent and all and all, despite other reviewers I think it
was a pretty good show. I dont care that Jerry wasn't performing his best.
One highlite is definitly so many roads. Take a listen, and enjoy. The
"LAST" muddy river, as Jerry sings in Black muddy river.

October 05, 2004
Reviewer: crawford33
Subject: Thank you for everything, Jerry
Don't diss this show, if you do, then you're disrespecting everything that
the band put into this show. Especially Jerry. A dying man playing for
hours on stage. I don't think alot of people in this world can do that. If
you disrespect all that he did in this show, then you truly aren't a fan.
Thank you, Jerry for everything you did.

September 30, 2004
Reviewer: Skippy61
Subject: just listen
I have just gotten into the Dead and when i heard this last performance i
was deeply moved. Jerrys' health was failing, the band might have been
tired from a long summer of touring and still i loved the performance. Did
Jerry or Phil or the rest of the band know he was dying? Does it matter??
Really? Stop worrying about the *hidden messages* ( if there are any) and
just listen. Please Shed a tear for Jerry if you like, i obviously didn't
know him but i sense he would want us not to cry so much as listen and
love the music. Peace and be good to each other Skippy

September 27, 2004
Reviewer: Born_Again_Dead
Subject: Killin' the Dead
This show hurts. I feel Jerry dyin'. I think Jerry wanted us to feel him
dyin'. No matter how much Jerry meant to sooooo.... many people, nobody
meant as much to Jerry as Heroin Death. Not the fans, not his family, not
his band of brothers. Sad but honest. I am not judging, I have had Jerry
pick, strum and sing me out of many a dark time. But reality is is that he
couldn't make it and now we all miss him. Does make me cry to hear the
struggle in his voice and guitar. So many roads, I pray his Road Is Easy

September 17, 2004
Reviewer: Samuel Glen
Subject: Bittersweet Symphony
I have listened to this show several times, both out of sentiment and
mourning. Although many have raved over the stark beauty of So Many Roads,
I cannot help but to shake my head. In the end the show represents the
mediocre end of a great band.

September 14, 2004
Reviewer: jci35
Subject: weird...
Jerry does say LAST instead of BLACK on BMR. Very strange. It was worth
getting but I do not enjoy listening to it for very long. HEROIN SUCKS...

September 14, 2004
Reviewer: jci35
Subject: weird...
Jerry does say LAST instead of BLACK on BMR. Very strange. It was worth
getting but I do not enjoy listening to it for very long. HEROIN SUCKS...

September 11, 2004
Reviewer: bocajoes
Subject: Such a long time to be gone...
So much has already been said about the “So Many Roads” from this show, so
I won’t pile on. What gets me choked up more than the SMR are the last 2
songs. It was as if Jerry knew he was dying and so did the band, so they
put every ounce of energy and emotion that they had to give into those
last 2 songs (read Blair Jackson’s excellent bio of Jerry – he describes
Jerry being helped up the stairs to the stage for the second set that
night. That being known, Jerry gave us all we could ask of him for the
second half of the show.) Listen carefully to Jerry during the first
chorus of “Black Muddy River and you will hear him INTENTLY sing “last
muddy river.” Later in the song, he sang “stones fall from my eyes instead
of years.” Listen to Phil during “Box of Rain;” you won’t find a more
emotional version of this song anywhere. It was obvious that he knew that
this was his last song with Jer. He sang is heart out throughout the song.
Listen to the last line, Phil SHOUTS, “such a long, long time to be gone,
and a short time to be THEEEEERRRRE!”

September 08, 2004
Reviewer: particular
Subject: Chills
Listen to "So Many Roads." It will send chills up your spine.

September 05, 2004
Reviewer: samson320
Subject: end of the greatest band ever
id have to agree with a fellow reviewer anyone that got to see this
concert our any grateful dead shows and uses ill words to describe it
should be ashamed and un-Grateful to have been there i to would have give
a testicle to see this our any show of an any year i know it wasnt the
best but it was the last and all of us who were born in the wrong
timeperiod as i see it get to only imagine how great it was , oh and
theres no way u can say that so many roads doesnt bring a tear to your eye
if it doesnt u dont really got the love . Oh ya and todays music scene is
pretty pathetic its pretty sad that good rock and roll music is pretty
much gone so basically be GRATEFUL

September 04, 2004
Reviewer: BobSteele
Subject: So many roads........
All I want is one to take me home. Just listen, and you can feel it! This
is a GREAT show!!!!

September 01, 2004
Reviewer: samerca
Subject: The value and worth of this show...
to simply assign a good/bad value judgement to this show based on the
musicianship of the band/and or setlist or sound of the recording is
completely idiotic. This show must be judged for what it is: the last
grateful dead show and the last recording of jerry garcia playing the
music many of you were lucky enough to see/hear live, and many of us who
weren't around can only see/hear through recordings stored on this site
and others as well as dvd's out on the market. It sucks to read some of
the negative comments written on this board about this last show of theirs
because--you should say to yourself--"I was lucky to see this show or at
least have the opportunity to have bought tickets for this show and many
other shows during the 80's, 70's and even 60's." Many of us downloading
these files and buying the DVD's and even having the opportunity to see
the current band tour would give a right arm and eyeball to see the band
even when they were not on top form. I would give a testicle to have the
opportunity to go back in time and catch the band at any point in their
history--just to have the opportunity to experience the magic that was the
GD. This recording represents more then a good/bad show, or a good/bad
recording: this show represents the end of a legacy, the end of an
era--and band that can never be replaced. Just take a look now at the
current music scene and you can understand what I mean. There is for sure
an empty space where the grateful dead (and other great bands of the 60's
& 70's) once occupied, and music will never be the same again. So please,
don't be ungrateful and accept this recording--with all of its
imperfection et cetera--for what it is, a special show that marked the end
of a way of life for many of you, and most deffinitely the end of an

August 30, 2004
Reviewer: feellikeastranger
Subject: great show
i thought this was a pretty phat show. to say this was the worst show of
95 or the 90's is a crime. sure it's not one of the best shows the boys
put together but think about it, this is the last show of a long, hot &
rainy summer tour. ever stop and think that maybe the band is tired and
ready to take a break? after all they are only human and humans get tired.
i dont think anyone who has anything bad to say about any show the dead
ever played dont aprecieate the grateful dead and what they gave to us.
stop your negative flappin and be thankful you had a chance to see the
boys play. if you had a good time while your were at the show and out on
tour, there really should be nothing to complain about and thanks to all
the tapers out there working their asses off, you can have the memory to
cherrish for the rest of your days. just enjoy it and stop complaining.
this was a great show as well as the night before. i recomend it to anyone
who still has a love for the grateful dead.

August 22, 2004
Reviewer: GregH
Subject: Not really that bad a show
Previous reviews have pointed out the several "bad" parts of this show,
but few have pointed out that, overall, it's at least an average show
compared to the other 1991-1995 stuff, and isn't as horrible as some have
stated--musically, it's not bad at all. Good recording, especially since
you can hear Weir's flourishes better than in many other recordings. Even
with all the alleged "Garcia problems", he's still whipping out some very
nice riffs, many times. "Touch of Grey", "Lazy River", "Little Red
Rooster", "Black Muddy River", "Shakedown", and "Masterpiece" are all
musically tight. "Sugar Magnolia" and a few others are kind of messy, and
Garcia certainly sang better, but the guitars sound better than average in
my opinion. In fact, the poor vocal work on "Shakedown" is kind of a
benefit, in a way, since the music is so good. Give it a 2nd chance, if
you've heard it before. It's got some very good ensemble playing, and some
very good Weir guitar.

August 14, 2004
Reviewer: JimF.
Subject: What??
This is a terrible Dead show, emotion or not. Sound quality is pretty
good, but give me a break with this "this is the best show of '95"

August 10, 2004
Reviewer: gankmore
Subject: Unbutchered So Many Roads
Unlike the edited version of "So Many Roads" that appears on the box set
of the same name, this version is the real deal. Jerry doubles up on the
"ice-blue-roses" verse and this is his original intro, not the pasted on
version. I hear the next Gans/Cuttler project is to go back and clean up
all of Picasso's later works. Apparently he was pretty fucked up and
didn't know what he was doing. This show is the best one of '95, and while
it's not flawless, there are some wonderful moments. I find it amazing
that the majority of reviews of this show speak to other reviews rather
than the music itself. I enjoy lazy river road, childhoods end, the
cumberland, and the shakedown. The unbroken is wonderful too. This isn't
Jerry's brightest moment, but it's one hell of a swan song.

August 10, 2004
Reviewer: hippieman556
Subject: this show has meaning to alot of people
dont diss the show just listen

August 02, 2004
Reviewer: thedoggirl
Subject: THE END

August 02, 2004
Reviewer: deadtothecore
Subject: What else is there to say???
Nice recording. So Many Roads to ease my soul. :(

July 31, 2004
Reviewer: deadhead89
Subject: last show
poor jerry his playing was shot. its sad to think its his last show.
R.I.P. jerry

July 10, 2004
Reviewer: J. Jonah Jameson
Subject: Not much happening here
This is a mediocre show. It's poignant because it's the last show. The 1st
set basically blows. The 2nd set is pure mediocrity except for the
obvious: Jerry almost blows So Many Roads but then pulls a rabbit out of
his hat for the magical, gospel build-up ending which makes you want to
cry. The Unbroken out of Space is pretty decent, but it's the band playing
and Jerry barely even audible, kind of like most of the show. From
listening to the Black Muddy encore, Jerry sounds pretty strong and it
actually sounds like Vince that screws it up in the transition. Phil
shines on this, always thought Childhood's End was a pretty nice one, too.
Sad to listen to this, but this was the culmination of Jerry's long, slow
decline. Pretty good SQ with this SBD, sounds like it's been mixed or

July 01, 2004
Reviewer: hootski66
Subject: lotman's review
Must've been TIC (tongue in cheek)

June 06, 2004
Reviewer: Imercator
Subject: Better than the AUD version
This show is not a good one however you listen to it. However, I must say
that the SBD version is a big advance on the AUD copy that I had prior to
this. I was surprised that on listnening to this show that it was a lot
better than I remembered it. I think the audience copy sounded a lot worse
because you could hear Garcia's tired vocals (or lack of) and frequent bum
notes echo around the stadium. But this copy isn't so bad. Difficult to
review show-wise. Garcia's last two songs were So Many Roads and Black
Muddy River, and the last song they ever played was Box Of Rain. They
speak for themselves...

June 05, 2004
Reviewer: JaCkSTraw8995
Subject: sad
on black muddy river in the first chorus Jerry says Last muddy
river.....coincidence, i dont know. but this show regardless of the flaws
brings a tear to my eye everytime i listen to it. I love the Dead and I
hate giving them bad reviws because everyone has a bad day here and there
and I think they deserve a good review for everything or at least a decent
one. well misss you Jerry.

June 04, 2004
Reviewer: Kodos
Subject: Say your peace and get out
Last show. Historical value only. Great quality, at least in this show
from '95 they are TRYING... Between Jerry's overall health, his carpal
tunnel syndrome was KILLING his playing. So Many Roads was a diamond in
the extreme rough, almost hard to listen to emotionally. Box of Rain sums
up the career.

May 24, 2004
Reviewer: jmaz
Subject: Phil's show
The bright spot of this show is Phil; Childhood's End, Unbroken Chain, and
Box Of Rain were all strong. And So Many Roads was Jerry's goodbye.

May 20, 2004
Reviewer: Steinbergerman
Subject: so many roads to ease his soul
this show is basically crap, but the so many roads was definitely jerry
writing his epitaph. i cry every time i listen to it.

May 20, 2004
Reviewer: kingman33
Subject: Touch of grey?
I have to say that I also saw my first show when touch of grey came
out,and this show was a bummer and I now have a touch of grey.But I will
get by, I will survive,lets see some 81,82,83,84,86,87,88,89. Chow

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: jeffsetz
Subject: A painful ending
1995 was the most painful year to endure as a fan. The 6 shows I attended
were terrible, Jerry's health decline was frightening to witness and the
influx of loser newbie Deadheads that ruined the concert scene make this
the most forgetable year in the band's 30 year career. Sadly, Jerry & band
bow out with this chillingly bad gig. Man, I thought the '95 Shoreline run
was bad. This one is even worse.

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: NisselZayango
Subject: Not a train wreck
I didn't think this was quite as disastrous as some others did ... still,
it was not too good, and kinda sad to listen to at times. (Incidentally: I
greatly appreciate having all this Dead on the Live Music Archive, but why
put a bum year like '95 up before, say, 1988 or 1980?)

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: jjwood64
Subject: For archival purposes only -- The Last Show
I give this 4 stars for the recording, 1/2 a star for part of So Many
Roads. The rest of the show is just plain terrible and painful to listen
to, like much of the GD from 1993 on.

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: briannj1970
Subject: Deserves a star...
...just for the So Many Roads. Other than the historical significance this
show is pretty much worthless. If it's good for anything it serves to show
how far the Grateful Dead had fallen. At times it's almost painful to
listen to. IMO very few shows after 1991 are worth five stars. If it
wasn't for the SMR I'd look to give this show no stars.

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: thelotman
Subject: the best for last..
WOW and WOW, that's all i can say. i have been a dead head ever since
touch of grey came out and boy did i get down. this was my second show and
it was the best!! Jerry sounded great and so did the others. a must have!!

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: oldindawae
Subject: overating
I agree, I keep seeing reviews from the 90's with 5 stars- there just
weren't that many 5 star shows after 91. i wonder if the folks who are
giving those ratings have ever listened to Europe 72, May 73, May 77,
Summer 82, Summer 89 There are a lot of 5 star shows in those times, but
02,93,94,95 they were few and far between

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: rak5877
Subject: don't overrate this show
don't give this show 5 stars for all the joy the dead created over the
years. this show, standing alone, is terrible. if zero stars was an
option, this show would deserve it. i don't want some newbie to see a
bunch of 5 star reviews, dl this show, and wonder what the he11 the fuss
is about. there are far, far, far better shows spanning the dead's 30 year
career. there are even better shows in '95 for heaven's sake. keep it fair

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: digdogdig
Subject: Last Show..
Scary, sad note. Thank you Jerry.

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Poster: cush11 Date: Mar 25, 2007 11:35am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

Good on ya Ian! Many thanks... Mudcat's post got me to wondering too. It's good to hear from again, I hope all is well with you! J

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Poster: mcglone Date: Mar 25, 2007 11:54am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

i've never once issued a single complaint about the pulling of the boards EVER, i firmly believe it's the artists right do as they please, but the reviews??? dang! especially for the last show eh.

other than that, it's all good! spring is in the air... nudge, nudge ; ) ; )


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Poster: cush11 Date: Mar 25, 2007 12:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

I'm sure I can speak for many of us to again thank you for your foresight!

We've already had a taste of summer here :( But spring is back:)

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Poster: mudcatbluez Date: Mar 25, 2007 1:02pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

Hey Ian, thanx so much for these. It's great to see you posting again to class the place up. You were definitely missed. Just getting back to work & back into the swing of things myself.

Hope life's getting back to better for you, man.